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TRAVEL IN PEACE: The Soundtrack of My Escape- Rod Harris Softcover: $15.99 ISBN: 978-1-61927-837-0 eBook: $11.99 ISBN: 978-1-61927-851-6 Publication Date: May 27, 2014                                                                  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   A Spiritual Journey to Find Inner Peace DALLAS (March 24, 2014) — Why does someone’s plan B often become plan A? This is the question at the center of Travel in Peace: The Soundtrack of My Escape. By finding the root cause of why passion (plan A) is often left behind for security (plan B), Rod Harris begins to reconcile his fears and find inner peace. In his debut novel, Rod shares his journey through life and around the globe with his spiritual compass as a guide. Travel in Peace is available everywhere books are sold. When he was younger, Rod Harris was told he needed a plan B in case his dreams of a creative career in the music industry were not fruitful. He held on to those words and allowed them to paralyze him for years, causing him to travel a path crowded with regret.  His fear of failure caused him to withdraw from fully pursuing his passion and instead led him to climb the corporate ladder as a successful executive, his plan B. At the suggestion of a therapist, Rod traces his bouts with depression and suicide in the book, and he pinpoints the significant turning points in his life that led him further away from his ultimate destination of peace. Travel in Peace documents Rod’s inner conflict as he travels through life trying to overcome his fear, fulfill his passion for music and trust in God’s plan for his life. Travel in Peace follows Rod’s childhood in Compton, California, his move to Europe as a young adult and his subsequent return to the United States. Rod writes about the experiences in his life that have had the most influence on him, like his strong religious upbringing, love of music, unhealthy relationships and world travels. Interwoven in the pages of the novel are songs written during different phases of Rod’s life to show how those experiences transformed him creatively and personally. Rod has also penned an accompanying soundtrack called Travel in Peace: The Soundtrack for Your Escape. Both the novel and soundtrack refresh the mind, body and spirit. Rod’s personal rejuvenation in the novel helps readers identify and ponder their own fears and find their own unique path to inner serenity. The soundtrack, a compilation of relaxing songs with instruments from all over the world, is refreshing, revitalizing and inspirational–a perfect mix for anyone seeking peace through music. About the Author Rod Harris is a songwriter, musician and producer originally from the Los Angeles area who later migrated to London, England. He has played, written, and produced music for a host of established artists. In 2000, Rod established the music production company Sirrah Music International (SMI), which has offices in California, Texas, London and the Bahamas. Rod currently lives in Dallas, Texas, and Travel in Peace is his first book.  ” - Kelsey Arens