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Portraits From A Storm- Aloa Harris

 “Portraits From A Storm” by International Music Award winning artist Aloa Harris is a rich, groovy R&B/Contemporary/Inspirational CD. The vocals of this seasoned artist are powerful and sultry while the lyrics truly are uplifting and encouraging. Each track lays down a fresh beat and the CD ranges in style from classic 70’s, to R&B, a Gospel influence, and even a splash of Reggae. “In My Storm” utilizes a motivating beat and excellent harmonizing background vocals done by the artist herself as well as double lead vocals. The Caribbean-influenced “Pass the Word” (feat Monty G)” adds a different flavor to the CD with its spiritual lyrics and reggae style and grace. Altogether, this album serves as a full musical experience for R&B lovers and is well worth hearing. Once again, this project was written and produced by Aloa’s husband/artist “rod”. “Portraits From A Storm” is a vulnerable, beautifully crafted and highly personal piece of work that is centered towards the body, mind and soul. What a great way to get your groove back even while in a storm. Aloa Harris, a truly gifted chanteuse.